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This is How We Talk - A novel of Tel-Aviv

 While life in Tel-Aviv, Israel’s famed party town, is punctuated by hedonism and bitter regret, two young Israelis, Lia and Yonatan, are struggling to save their relationship for the sake of their child. 

Around them, the city is constantly evolving and expanding upwards, full to bursting with Jews and Arabs, rich and poor, refugees and addicts.


As Lia’s and Yonatan’s lives spiral out of control, and with war never far away, Tel-Aviv convulses in uncertainty and social unrest. 

This is How We Talk tells of the lives and loves of Tel-Aviv’s young generation with a searing honesty; their relationships with each other and their home in a country at war with its neighbours, and with itself. 

"[Julian Furman] is equally at home steering the reader along the tree-lined central boulevards into the sleek nightclubs and up into the sea-view towers of the wealthy, as he is among the darker areas of the city frequented by the drug addicts and the homeless or beyond to the outlying suburbs where the Arab population live. This is a stylish, assured and compelling debut." 


J David Simons, author of The Credit Draper, An Exquisite Sense of What is Beautiful and A Woman of Integrity

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